| FTBL Refs could have cost Big 10 $4.5 Mil......

bamafan4ever said:

Makes you wonder if this is the same thing that the SEC refs were worried about when Bama and LSU met on Nov. 3rd. Should it even matter that OSU was a possible BCS contender? Why shouldn't that game be called any differently than the Northwest/Iowa matchup for example?

You can bank on LSU and UGA winning out and both getting BCS bids. UGA ends the season at GT, but unless I'm mistaken that will be an SEC crew. If the game was in Athens, it would be an ACC crew. This will also require ut winning out in the regular season and going to the SECCG, so you can take that to the bank also.
I guess they should have let the crew ref a game between two lousy teams then no one would care if they blew it. Then nothing would have been at stake. :roll: Money's become way too important in the college game these days. Everyone is lined up to protect interests and sometimes I feel like things are becoming as corrupt as a sport like boxing. From arbitrary discipline to the whole bowls vs playoffs situation, I don't like the way the game is headed.
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