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Preseason Team Capsules; Arkansas Razorbacks


Every year about this time college football fans begin to turn their attention towards the upcoming season. Hope springs eternal and optimism is generally at its highest point of the season for many coaches, players and fans. It will be no different in Fayetteville this summer, but along with the optimism of a new season comes a ton of question marks and concerns. If any team coming into the this season could be considered a true unknown it would have to be the Arkansas Razorbacks.

To the outsider looking in the program appears, well..gutted, and experiencing a big-time identity crisis as many of the program's main-stays are out the door for 2008. Gone are head coach Houston Nutt, tailbacks Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, as well as one of the country's most versatile fullbacks in Peyton Hillis. Gone is the smash-mouthed, run on first down, second down, and third down attack that fans have become so accustomed to in the last decade or so in Fayetteville.

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