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Another voting reminder. Bama is once again in the running for the $100K. Vote early and often.


LSU is listed three times, so their votes could be divided. You have to like our chances against Arkansas, Miss St, Kentucky, and AppState. The barn is in it this years, so you know they will want to beat us to fund more sociology scholarships. The beast on the list is Penn State. That's a big school and a football school at that. We need votes.
I am all for it if Bama does win but come on, do you really believe a non-bias person is going to vote for our play? Sure, we know that that play single-handedly kept us from having a losing season but a person who could care less about football would probably pick the App. State play.
rammajamma said:
My main problem is that none of these hold a candle to "The Catch" Quite possibly the most awesome play in the history of football. I sure do miss Prothro.... :(

The best play I've ever seen by far! I hope Pro is doing well. :cry:
Post a remark each time you vote. The date stamp will help you remember to vote the following week.

It's down to App.State and Trinity against the SEC. We can win this.
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