| FTBL OMG we just lost two starters


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Our senoir WR Marcus monk was hit by saftey michel grant :evil: the first day of practice with pads he may have torn cartlidge in his knee.

Starting sophmore TE ben cleavland was ALSO HIT BY MICHEL GRANT :x ON THE SAME DAY!!!! he has numbeness in his arm all the way up to his neck and may have nerve damage.

Both could be out for over a month :cry: :(
WooPiigSooie!!!!! said:
callahan said:
Dang that suck man... do you guys have depth at those positions?
AT wr we do but at te not so much hopefully both can be back before the game against yall though!

PS we need to put grant on a leash and keep him hungry until the bama game :lol:
Haha yea he is taking out your whole team
Sorry to hear about the injuries and hope they get healthy real soon. We want to beat you while your team is healthy and then play taps for you as the game draws to a close. Have a great weekend.
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