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I depise ALABAMA and Nick $atan, but 'Bama should be NUMBER ONE .. Reply

... right now.

The Sooners have played Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Washington, and then #24 TCU (the only ranked team OU has faced).

MEANWHILE, 'Bama beat then #9 Clemson at Clemson, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Arkansas at Arkansas, and then #3 Georgia between the hedges.

If 'Bama had scheduled SOUTH PANOLA instead of Western Kentucky, the Tide's SOS would be higher than OU's (right now, OU's is #20, 'Bama's is #23).

OU hosts #5 Texas Saturday. All I can say is "Hook 'em Horns!!!

I don't see Kentucky pulling an upset of the Tide Saturday, so by Sunday I'm hoping that the #1 in the country will be 'Bama. (God help us.)
rammajamma said:
I find it interesting the new found respect that other team's fans have for us now.
I've noticed that as well. It's about time!!!!
I have been with this team through the ups and CERTAINLY the downs in the past few years. I have never been SO proud to be an Alabama fan as I have these past few years. If you think about it, we played all our games with pride and ALWAYS competed.
These past 4-5 years were years we supposed to have just been blown out by our competition and yet that never happened, and we even pulled off several upsets along the way. It' looking your best in the worst of times that makes me so proud to be an Alabama fan!!! Winning now just makes it all that much sweeter!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
Got a friend who is from Oklahoma who called me this morning to talk about OU and Bama being #1 and #2 in the AP. Crimson/Cream and Crimson/White. I told him it would be nice for it to stay that way and the two to meet in the BCS.

'Course, I told him we had to remember that the AP is the poll who got their panties in a wad in '03 and named USC as their champion when LSU won the BCS under Saban. We have to take the AP with a grain of salt.
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