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I'm glad we are 7-0. But I'm also think we need to take care of ours business. Without someone doing it for us. But I will be pulling for them Gamecocks. To help us some. :D
It's really hard to make it to the conference champ. game with 2 conference losses so im hoping S. Carolina gives LSU that 2nd loss. If we take care of Tenn. next week then we should be in pretty good shape because i don't see us losing to Auburn or MSU this year and i still like our chances against LSU even if Cody is not ready.
LSU's D really came with the pressure in the second half.

South Cackalacky leads the SEC in sacks allowed and it really showed. With USC unable to establish a running game, LSU was left pinning their ears back and getting after it.

Didn't like the outcome but pleased with what I saw.
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