| FTBL Not to shock anyone, but ND is down 10-0 to Purdue...


and Claussen just threw an INT. Horrible pass, HS freshman mistake...throwing the ball back across his body while rolling to the left.

Hell, between LSU v Tulane, MSU vs USCe, and ND v Purdue. What to watch...I'm thinking this one just to see them start 0 fer what now?!?
Sorry as bad as I would love to see ND 0-11. I can't watch them play. Right now watching Miss St and SC. Right now it 14-7 SC. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
It wasn't easy, but the Old Ball Coach finally has this one in his pocket. Up 31-21 with under two minutes left, ball on MSU 15.
I've got the Clempson v Ga Tech game in my area as well. I had hoped to be able to watch Cal v Oregon...

I was looking over TVGuide.com just a few minutes ago and noticed that Showtime has "Failure to Launch" on at 8EST. Just when did they start broadcasting Auburn games?
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