| FTBL Nice article on classes that don't add up

Tommy Tuberville got smoked up and down by Nick Saban. It's incredible. The top ten recruits in Alabama: 'Bama 7, Auburn 0. The top 20: 'Bama 14, Auburn 2. And this is coming off a six-year run of Auburn dominance in the Iron Bowl!

CrimsonPirate said:
Yeah, but that's 'cause they passed on the top athletes in the state 'cause they want "Auburn men." :shock:

I am loving hearing, "it is because Saban promised them things he cant back up" and "they knew they would have to wait around a couple years to play at Aubrun". the best one "They didn't have enough character to be Aubrun players".

I really hope the new Bama recruits are reading this and taking it all in, so when they get a shot at Aubrun they can show them what they really are made.

Aubrun fans keep pumping out bulletin board material on how this class does not mean anything and how these guys do not have the character or skill to be at Aubrun. That should be just enough motivation to keep Bamas boot in your arse. Like losing to you was not enough. Take it like a sheila Aubrun cause you cant seem to take it like a man.
kudzu said:
Doemasters said:
nice pictures :shock:

Couple of thoses pics look like they were taken from the Doe lens. :lol:

i think i need to go to some basketball games now :D

you should hear all of the aubies at work telling me it doesn't matter and that our recruiting class is overrated, i just give them my famous :roll:
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