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While it is reported that CNS is the highest paid coach in the NCAA, it's not the case. Stoops is pulling in 3.6+ this year, Ferentz is higher than that and Weis is even with CNS.

The media looks at 8 years, 32 million and says he's making 4M a year. But, they don't look at the contract which isn't that high this year. Heck, neither do they look at Weis and his 10 year contract.

On a slightly different note this "highest paid coach" thing is something that is loved to be thrown around by rivals, but without a lot basis.

rammajamma said:
College Coaches make a lot of money, and our coach makes the most. And not one mention of the dude in my signature pic. If I ever needed a agent, I know who I would call....

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