Well, that one in 1941 (somewhere around that year) is a little questionable, but we were flimflammed out of 1966, 1976 and 1977.

That makes Coach Bryant's run still seem amazing to me. NCs inm 61,64,65, 78 and 79, and serious contenders in 62, 66, 71,72, 73, 74, 76 and 77.
When I first got this game I was an idiot. I played AU, got my ass kicked....said OK, bring on some TN, got my ass kicked. I was so ,ad I did not play the game for a month...this after the very first day I got the game. I mean I was mad as hell. Then I decided to play it again but this time I played a real weak opponent (see, I learned there is a method to the madness of scheduling easy game in the beginning :lol: ). Once I figured out the buttons and was rolling, I stuk ole Tubervilles finger up his butt and madr fat phil lose weight from worrying so much. Its a cool game once you learn the buttons. You know when they show the players talking? I was hoping to see Kenny Irons run for a TD then to Tuberville hopping up and down " I like candy coach, kimme candy coach" that my friends would have been priceless.
I love playing me some 08' when I have the time. It's pretty addicting and I can beat all my friends with Alabama. That's pretty tough usually, but they are good on the game this season. :shock:
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