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Who Starts At QB For Miss St?

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MSU has the same kind of thing going as UT. Omar Conner is the better athlete but Henig is the better leader and made far less mistakes. So far this year, I think Conner has started every game, but he only played about 9 minutes against Kentucky. They have also lined up Tee Milons behind center to run the QB sweep a couple of times, ala Freddie!
Well, they are at LSU this Saturday, so I don't think it makes too much difference. LSU usually squeaks one out against the dogs and will probably do so again this week. Mississippi State is going to be down after that close home loss to the barn last Thursday night. Mike Henig was moving the ball against the barn. They should have stuck with him.
Could we please refrain from bumping threads from years ago? I realize it's pretty funny the first time but it's getting a bit old clicking on links expecting to read and post about relevant topics.
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