| FTBL Most spectacular play in college football history


I'm voting for the lateral-frenzy play at the end of the Cal-Stanford game in 1982.


Any other plays that you think top this one?
I like BC vs Miami 1984, Hail Flutie The mircle pass. Just because I watched it. Was a great game..


Why don't play Boston College again? That would be cool. We haven't played them in a long time.

Of course, we really need to play the Texas Longhorns, because we're 0-7-1 against them.
bamatommy said:
BamaFan19 said:
I've always been a fan of "The Strip". Noone, especially Miami, saw that coming... :lol:

Here you go:


I'm partial to "the strip" too. George Teague is my fomer HS team mate (Jeff Davis, Montgomery)
I'm certainly a Bama homer, but Pro's catch against Southern Miss is real hard to top.

Cornelius Bennett and "The Hit" against Notre Dame is another favorite of mine.
It Takes Eleven said:
Forget gimmick plays and Hail Marys. The runs at the 1:30 and 2:30 marks are hard to beat.

Then again, I'm a homer.

THAT was pretty freakin cool! Great choice of music too.
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