| FTBL More predictions for 2008

I too see us winning at least 8 games this year. Tulane, Western Kentucky and Arkansas St. should be easy victories. Kentucky, Ole Miss and Arkansas should be a few steps above easy victories (as easy as anything can be in the SEC). You never know with Tennessee, while Miss. St. has become some kind of head game for us but I feel like we take those also. Who knows, if the ball bounces the right way for us, we could contend for the West this year. No doubt playing at Georgia will be tough and I think LSU is our hardest game this year.
I can't find argument with anything he wrote. There always seems to be "that game" where the unexpectedly bad thing happens, but it is always countered by the unexpectedly good (i.e. We lose to L-M but kick the snot out of Tennessee). In the end the record should read about what was expected.

Great research on LSU, which fuels wonderful optimism that the West race is more open than most will admit.

Personally, I think Auburn has too much NEW to expect to be all-that. You can't have both a new offense and a new defense be Championship level in the SEC. The Iron Bowl is a long way off, which barring injuries in bad places, works in our favor.

The Iron Bowl will determine the West Champion, while the FLA-UGA game will determine the eventual SEC Champ and who gets to kick OSU in the junk for the NC. (I hoping its UGA vice FLA.)
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