| FTBL Just picked up 2 more autographs. A '79 and a '92 NC team.



Barry Krauss and Shannon Brown are at a car dealership about 1/2 a mile from my house. SO I dropped by. Great guys, both were friendly and was taking the time to talk to each fan and was posing for pics with the kids. Here's a couple of pics.

Barry Krauss Signing my ball:

Barry Krauss being interviewed on our local radio station WQSB:

Shannon Brown signing my ball:
BamaHeat said:
I knew about it but had to work :x

We live pretty close to each other.

Yeah, and we've never met. LOL We really don't get out much do we?

I had heard that they were going to be over there, but I never heard a time so I just figured it was during the day like it usually is. I normally am at work during these visits. After I got off work, I drove over there hoping that they hadn't left yet just to find out that they weren't going to be there until 5. So I ran a couple of errands and then went back by as they were walking in.

I actually thought about you and sorta looked around to see if I spotted anyone who looks similar to what I can remember about your picture that use to be on here. LOL Didn't see anyone who looked like you. LOL

And for you young whiper snappers who may not know Barry Krauss, here's a little info I found thanks to crimsonpirate page at TF:


With time running out in the 1979 Sugar Bowl and
trailing 14-7, the Penn State Nittany Lions drove to
the Alabama one-yard line. On fourth down, with the
game in the balance, the Crimson Tide defense, led
by All-America linebacker Barry Krauss (77), rose up and
stuffed Penn State halfback Mike Guman at the line
of scrimmage. The victory gave Alabama its 5th
National Championship under legendary coach Paul
"Bear" Bryant.
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