| FTBL JPW's Pass decisions against Auburn

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A couple of passes were thrown that should have been intercepted by Auburn...it was as if their DB's just threw / slapped the balls down or just cant catch. I also think that one of those could have been the result of a poorly ran route by the receiver. JPW cant afford those mistakes this weekend, Florida will make us pay dearly. The Florida defensive speed is overwhelming...i can see alot of man to man and aggressive play...jumping routes etc. JPW is going to have to get some zip on those passes.
I think it was a combination on a ball intended for Stover. The kid made a great read and break on the ball but just can't catch. The other ball was a sloppy route by Julio. He rounded the route off instead of making a clean cut. Now the slick conditions didn't help so one might assume that those routes are crisper in the Dome this weekend.
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