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She just said that "off camera" she asked Neuheisel would he consider replacing Craft, the UCLA quarterback.

She then stated that he told her, "off camera",that he would think about it but would hate to shatter a young QB's confidence.

I bet he is thinking that he won't be talking to Holly Rowe "off camera" any more.
RollTideRandy said:
I bet Joe Namath would like to talk to Holly Rowe off-camera so he could ask her to kiss him. :D

Oh yeah, you know Broadway Joe would like to talk to her off camera. Namath is old school.
They have already gone with the 3rd stringer right? He did look impressive 2nd half though. I think they said one of those guys could return in October. If Craft gets the job done though, leave him in there.
Seems like ESPN is propping up ANOTHER California team. Forget the fact that the coach was a cheater that left two football programs with sanctions. Chic reporters and California football. One thing is for sure...When the SEC gets a hold of USC/Ohio St, the reporters will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened to their pretty boys on the field. I can't wait.
Holly Rowe (bottom) looks like FNC Lis Wiehl's (top left) more plain and more rotund little sister... :)


I don't know if this was Holley talking or not because I had just walked into the room, but the commentator was talking about one of the UT player and how he had a lot on his mind since he was from Carencro and his mother lived there but had evacuated to Lafayette because of Gustav.

Actually, that's not much of an "evacuation" in terms of distance. Carencro is a located in Lafayette Parish and like 5 miles from Lafayette. In fact, some consider it a suburb of Lafayette. I guess, the mom lived in a low-lying area susceptible to flooding and simply was worried about that; otherwise, why would she not go a lot further to get out of harm's way?

But, to listen to the ESPN sideline reporter, you would have thought the UT player's mom had evacuated further away.
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