| NEWS Harry Hammonds Has Passed

bama alum

"Who?" you ask? If you were at Bama in the late 80s and early 90s, you know. Harry's Bar was a staple for many Bama students, including me. My roommate took me there on my 21st birthday and bought me a bucket (they were just $10 then; I've heard they're now $30.). Later those buckets were like wine coolers, so I quit buying them.

I remember when Bama beat Florida in the inaugural SECCG. Harry ran around the bar, pouring bags of sugar all over the place, including his pool tables.

RIP, Harry


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A Tuscaloosa icon!!! I barely remember turning 21 in Harry’s!! Signing your name on a ceiling tile, drinking a Crazy Bucket, and Harry coming around with a bottle of tequila whenever the “tequila song” was played. RIP Harry
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