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Last week, the football team held its senior banquet, which is essentially considered the final sendoff for outgoing players, and among those honored was Prothro. Monday, the offseason conditioning program got under way, and he’s not participating.

Prothro was placed on medical hardship last Aug. 3, from which the chances of returning to the active roster were slim at best. There would have to be an appeal for reinstatement and an application for a sixth extra year, neither of which appears to be in the works.

Basically, there was hope, but sooner or later even that is fleeting.

AlabamaMan said:
His career is over, but he is one of the few that no matter what happens, he will never be forgotten. To me, that means a lot, and I hope it will to him.

Well said I feel the same, it's a shame what happend. After years have past I now wonder why was he even in the game.
I felt like this was going to be the outcome quite a while back. Of course I always had hope that he would return. It's incredible that I won't ever forget him either and for only a handful of plays he will never be forgotten. Some players play an entire career and can't say that.
Good luck Pro!
Sad to hear . But he will always be remembered by me as one the greatest crimson tide football players of my generation . I'm just thankful to have seen him play .
I wish him well in whatever life has in store for him .
There is more to life than football .

You will be forever a legend in my mind !!!

Good luck to you in your life after football , and thanks for the wonderful crimson memories !!!!

A lot of folks don't realize how doors open for past football players, in this case Alabama, around the SEC.

Ole' Brandon, even with his fumbleitis, still landed a great job in the banking industry after his days at Alabama. Of course, it just so happened he had friends in the right places.
Its tough to say we didn't already know this, but I wish Tyrone the best in whatever he does. Like Terry said, his career at Alabama only opened more doors. Good luck Pro.
We'll always have The Catch, and the 2005 UF game to remember.


And coming out before the 2006 Iron Bowl!
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