| FTBL Do we have any more open spots for transfers?


To those "In the know" - Do we have any more spots before the players report for the beginning of practice?

And if so - what position would you like to see addressed?

Since it would likely be a graduate transfer (potentially someone who's graduating this summer), these are mine:

1. Defensive Line - Preferably someone with versatility. The experience is needed

2. MLB - Experience needed

3. Punter

Unless someone falls into their lap, I'm not hearing much about Bama pursuing the portal right now.

I'm not as concerned as you appear to be.

1. Defensive Line
One, let's remember how often we see rotation here. Literally, we're looking at the first team taking over 90% of the reps. The way Dale came on in off-season workouts and how he performed in spring camp leaves me to believe the only question mark on the DL is at nose: Dale, or Mathis. And, let's not forget, Musika is a big body who also had a good spring. (Wynn spent a little time at nose as well but spent a lot of the spring at end.)

The ends are in similar shape with Alfano and Barmore followed by the aforementioned Wynn and Ebiogbe.
That hasn't changed since we watched the team enter spring camp. We're still going to be watching McMillon opposite Moses unless we see a crazy break-through with Shane Lee (and we might, he's got the potential.) Moody, Benton, and Kaho all had good spring camps.

It's my opinion, until we see a change in how they practice we're going to see continuing struggles in the kicking department until these guys get seasoning.

If we try to read the tea leaves, Bernier entering the transfer portal tells us the job is DeLong's.

(FWIW, coming out of spring the place kicking duties look to be split.)
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