| FTBL Congrats to UA student athlates who graduated today!



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You'll notice a couple who no longer play, butstill finished their degrees. A big thumbs up to those guys!

Matthew Bentley- Baseball
Greg Cage- Men's Basketball
Richard Hendrix- Men's Basketball
Kyle Sellers- Men's Basketball
Ronald Steele- Men's Basketball
Taylor Allen- Women's Basketball
Christina Elliott- Women's Basketball
Nathalie Reshard- Women's Basketball
Courtney Moore- Football
Justin Moon- Football
Barry Rinks- Football
Joshua Curry- Football
Will Oakley- Football
Lemanski Hall- Football
Roman Harper- Football

Richard Moody- Men's Golf
Joseph Sykora- Men's Golf
Michael Thompson- Men's Golf
Paul Guevara- Men's Cross Country
Matthew Staggs- Men's Cross Country
Julia Hicks- Women's Cross Country
Leigh Lazarus- Rowing
Sarah Beaver- Rowing
Bryn Crawford- Rowing
Margaret Strojny- Rowing
Natalie Kohn- Soccer
Emily Pitek- Soccer
Danielle Woods- Softball
Christina Owens- Softball
Kimberly Singer- Women's Swimming & Diving
Brandon Stephens- Men's Track & Field
Augustus Maiyo- Men's Track & Field
Peter Voorhees- Men's Track & Field
Elizabeth Wancowicz- Women's Track & Field
Trish Bartholomew- Women's Track & Field
Megan Hudson- Volleyball


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Congrats to all of them, I'm surprised to see Roman in there. Didn't know he returned to complete his degree.


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Man i miss HARP, he always had a nose for the ball and didnt avoid contact....the reason for the "ROCKY STOP"
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