| FTBL Cody comments on blocking for ingram td run


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After his debut as a goal-line blocking back against Ole Miss, Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody made a brief return to the offense Saturday.

Cody was inserted to pave the way for a 1-yard Mark Ingram touchdown run at the 7:35 mark of the third quarter. The crowd erupted upon Cody's arrival, and Ingram scored behind him.
"I was real excited to get back out there," Cody said. "I wanted to hit somebody, but everybody ran away. They started to run to the other side."

Cody said the Crimson Tide has not worked on a play where he carries the ball, but he doesn't know if that will happen.

Of his first Iron Bowl, Cody said, "It was everything I expected it to be."
It was funny. In the replay I noticed that. I also noticed he kinda tapped some Auburn guy after the play. I don't know if he was disappointed that he didn't get to block someone or if he was telling the AU defender to notice the scoreboard. :lol:
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