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I posted this only because I've always had a deep respect for Tommy Bowden and OC Rich Rod (now HC at Michigan)!

Tommy really shined last year to open versus his dad and F. S. U. I do not believe we've played Clemson before.

Where we have them is in senior leadership namely our QB. Mr. Wilson had some sparkling efforts last season including the Georgia game(which he did not lose)..

I expect about 24 to 28 points per team or somewheres in that ballpark. I give that many away as a expression of respect to Tommy Bowdens abilities.

What are your thoughts and what will the general points scored average out to? 8)
i'm concerned mostly about our D-Line. none of the guys on the D-line have shown themselves to be consistently good pass rushers. Terrence Cody is the only question mark as a starter. maybe his ability to draw a steady double team will help our less than stellar Ends become more effective in their pass rush and run stopping too. i hope so.

our strong safety position is also a concern but i think it will only take a couple of good hits for Woodall to make a fine impression on the other guys. he's not that consistent, but he's a hard hitter and a head hunter.

look for Reamer/Hall and Hightower to spend a lot of time in the backfield this year.

offensively i have no worries. nice to be able to say that.
I know where you are coming from. We were talking about this a while ago.
Clemson is a good football team. And they got a great coach. I’m not going to say we are going to win by 30 but we are not going to lose by 30. Its going to be a great game. They are not the #8 ranked football team because they suck. They are big and fast. The RB’s are not going down easily. I am kind of worried about losing BUT I’m so AMPED about winning. The first game judges where your team is. I love that we have the confidence to play a BIG GAME as our season opener. And if we win it will set a great “tide” for the rest of the season. Hopefully we will be able to “Roll” over everything else with the confidence that we gain from this game.
Its just the first game of the season and we need to come out strong. We had a great spring and better summer/fall practices. I know CNS with have everything ready. He knows what its like.
Score? I have know idea. Its going to ways. Its going to be a touchdown marathon. Or its going to be last second FG by BAMA.
Its going to stay close all game.

24-21 BAMA
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