| FTBL BOT has approved the staff pay raises...


Joe Pendry and Kevin Steele $350k to $360k

Kirby Smart, $275k to $325k.

Burton Burns to $230k.
Lance Thompson to $225k
Curt Cignetti to $190k and Bo Davis to $200k

New contracts:

McElwain at $325K
Williams at $190K
Davis at $145k.

The S&C guys received a bump as well...the new soccer coach had his contract approved and Murphy has a new contract as well with $, incentives, etc.
TerryP said:
BamaDelta said:
Was this really necessary coming off a 7-6 season? They were already the top paid staff.

It's all part of the year end season review.

I've wondered where you've been.

Well, I'd like to make it sound glamorous but it has just been work, volunteering and the whole 3-kid thing. :)

I also started working out more and for longer. I used to take the kids to school, come home and check e-mail and such and check in here. Now, I go to the gym. Dang, it's a lot more fun being fat and flabby. Now I'll just be fat but fit. :wink:
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