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Alabama's redzone stats so far this season:

- 20 trips to the redzone. link
- 18 scores
- 0 Turnovers in the redzone.
- 12 TDs, 6 FGs

Two of the non-scores were missed field goals, a 27-yarder against Western Carolina and a 37-yarder against Arkansas.

This is a VAST improvement over last year's ineptitude.

**EDIT - One of the scores was a 40 yd FG that resulted after we reached the redzone and lost 6 yards against Vanderbilt. It still counts as a red zone score because the original line of scrimmage was the 16.


It's a lot better no doubt. JPW still seems a little unsure at times but over the last couple of games he has improved once we've gotten down there.

Last year's team would have been batting .500 in the red zone with most of the scores coming off of FGs.


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Another interesting stat.

Through 4 games, we made 40% of the total of first downs made last year in 12 games.

With 25 this weekend, it'll be 50%.


Much better Redzone stats indeed. I agree with the JPW statement, I've noticed that he has overthrown open receivers in the endzone at least 3 times this year. Even still, I think JPW is going to get better, I can't see Saban letting him flounder.
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