| FTBL Attn: Visiting LSU Fans....



You are welcomed here on the RollTideBama message boards. RTB prides itself on classy interaction between some of the best fans around. RTB posters are by and large a laid back group, and enjoy interacting with other fans, including having detailed discussion about the X's and O's of the game.

That said, a number of your fans have already begun trash talking and making classless personal attacks on the Alabama Football board. This board is NOT for smack talk. If you wish to engage in that sort of dialogue, take your posts to the "Elephant Stomp" forum.

Trash posts on this board will not be tolerated. At best they will be moved. More than likely they will be deleted - so you are wasting your time posting them.

Repeated attacks will probably result in your being banned - something that the administration on this site rarely does, so if you get banned - you deserve it.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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