| FTBL Article: Wilson at center of Alabama's passing woes

This is defiently a problem spot on the offense, and in the beginning of the year it was thought to be our strength, with a returning QB and quality WR's. I don't know what the problem is, I wish I knew, maybe JPW is rushing it some and is not comfortable in the offense or not completely sure of his pass protection and rushes his throws.

The last two games we have not rushed the ball well, and if we cannot rush the ball we must be able to pass to open it up. There could be some playcalling issues with a young OC and I'm don't know if Pedry calls some or gives any imput on the play called. Also, I not too sure if the talent level on the team is all there just yet, granted there are some talented players on the team don't get me wrong but depth and talent level may be finally showing it's erie head.

I'll say this, I expected 7-8 wins maybe an upset and push it to 8-9 wins, but Bama better pick it up this weekend and get it going, cause this Houston team is dangerous and very well could upset us like USF did to AU.
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