| FTBL Anyone in Austin Texas area?


If so, there is an SEC picnic/tailgate party on 8/23/08 at 1pm. This is the 11th year.

5.00 donation to help cover rental of moonwalk for the kids, and other stuff. There is also a horseshoes competition.

bring your own food and drink, chair, etc. there will be locations for each team.

Location is Zilker Park, starts at 1 pm, goes until about 4 pm.

for more info, contact Austin_Tiders@Yahoo.com

Roll Tide!!
Roll Tide from Austin!

Sounds great! Count these two Bama fans in for sure! We'll see ya there.

PS -- While we're on the subject -- what is there to do in Austin during Bama games? Any public places worth going to our is it just close friends at somebody's house to watch the games? We used to have a group of 7 or 8 but it has dwindled down now to only 3. (Most moved back to Alabama for one reason or another.)

Roll Tide -- Matt
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