| FTBL Alabama's "head" coach: Kevin Elko instrumental in developing the top-ranked Tide

Through this performance consultant, the top-ranked Crimson Tide (5-0) is influenced by a founding father, a famous psychologist, a grandmother from Russia and dead soldiers fighting.

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama – To peer through a window deep inside the Alabama football program, an innocent peek behind the eyes of one player can lead to an interesting probe between the ears of another.
Squint and you’ll see Kevin Elko. Listen closely and you’ll hear an echo.

One recent day, for instance, superlatives flowed as Nico Johnson talked about a fellow star linebacker. C.J. Mosley has improved. He feels more confident. He’s playing faster.

“He’s accepting failure,” Johnson said. “He’s not worried about making mistakes or anything. He’s going from there and just making plays every chance he gets.”

Accepting failure?

Where did that come from?

At Alabama, players repeat what they hear from head coach Nick Saban. And he repeats what he hears from the “head” coach.

That would be Elko. You could call him a sports psychologist. You could call him a motivational speaker and an author. He prefers to be called a performance consultant.

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