| FTBL Alabama Football Ultimate Hype Video 2024

Looks like pregame video at stadium...early part.

I have heard. Bama has never rushed field ...but looks like after Tiffins kick vs AU .... fans rushed field????

Awesome video.
Early day the fan did! I know Coach Bryant lose his hat right after the Burn game in 1971. Because someone took it off his head.
I went to 20-30 games in 60s. I dont ever remember fans ( a fan here or there) on field.
Like UT had in 22....

Was 71 a lot or just a few
Now if we talking about home field(BDS)? Then no Bama hasn't rush the field. But at B'ham It was the 1990 game again Burn. B'ham police have some Bama students that try to rush the field . I have and image of this but will not post.
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