| MBB/WBB Alabama and its 2019-2020 out of conference schedule (Tide to take on UNC)

Alabama's non-conference opponents announced so far include:
Penn (110)
Rhode Island (138)
North Carolina (8)
Stephen F Austin (312)
Penn State (49)
Belmont (39)
Richmond (196)
(2019 final NET ratings in parenthesis)

Also guaranteed either Michigan (10) or Iowa State (19)
It would not shock me at all to see us beat North Carolina at the beginning of the season. We have a veteran team and they will be breaking in a bunch of blue chip Freshmen. Rarely do you see a team of top recruits gel quickly simply due to the fact that they were usually their team's best player and have to learn to share the responsibilities and be a team. We brought in a completely new system, but atleast we have a core that knows how to play with each other and can implement what Coach Oats is teaching. I think we can win a big one early.
Some Coach Nate believers in here. It' not that I don't but I am cautiously optimistic. I was excited about Grant and Johnson too so what do I know? Anyway, the schedule is aggresive and I love that.
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