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Very interesting, and I generally agree. I think that when Papa Bowden retires you will be able to add FSU to that list. Then man who replaces the legend there will be under unimaginable scrutiny. There is more to this than just W/L ratio, however. Doonan got the heave ho because he was owned by Spurrier and Fulmer. Richt has a marginally better W/L ratio, but he has ended the dominance of his two main rivals over the dawgs. Frank Solich was dumped because he couldn't beat Stoops and the trend was downward. I'd put Texas on that list. I am convinced that if Mack Brown had not won the NC when he did, he'd have been fired. Oklahoma is content with Stoops for now, but a couple of down years will have Sooner fans screaming for his head.
BigAl said:
The barn should be removed and Texas should be inserted where the barn is.

I agree, in my opinion the Barn has more than enough tolerance for bad coaching (they named their stadium after a guy who probably had more losing seasons than winning season). Half of Texas, on the other hand, was ready to fire Mack Brown for not beating OU through the early part of this decade (and thus losing the Big VII title hopes), in spite of the fact that he won at least 10 games a season.

I'd also like to add Mississippi State to the list. Not because their fans expect success, but that's got to be the hardest coaching sell in the SEC. It's in the middle of nowhere, a death sentence in an already talent deprieved state. The stadium is small and the facilities poor. Most importantly, pretty much every school in the conference overwhems Miss State in the areas mentioned above. They fired Jackie, this season they are probably going to get rid of Croom. I'm not sure if they could win even if they found a way to hire Saban as head coach, with Spurrier and Pete Carroll on as his staff.
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