1. Bobby Kunz

    | OT Looking for Ole Miss tickets

    Need 2-5 tickets for Ole Miss. Coming down from Michigan. 248-709-1945 if selling. Looking for good to great seats. Thanks.
  2. Bobby Kunz

    | OT Best place to buy tickets?

    I'm coming down from Michigan this year for a game at BDS. Anybody selling any tickets to Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee or Arkansas? Or where is best place to buy. I'm looking at Ole Miss. That be a good game to attend I presume? Thanks
  3. utstnx

    | FTBL looking to take my 2 kids to first game......

    I was thinking of taking the kids to there first Bama game. If anyone has 4 tickets to a crappy game like Chatanooga I would be interested in buying them. I would like to get lowers and i know tickets around the stadium should be cheap but would rather have in hand before we go. Hit me up.
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