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    Best and Worst NFL Drafts

    Best and Worst of the NFL Draft – Hashtag Media The top 3 best NFL draft classes and the 2 worst.
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    | FTBL Red Elephant Radio: Bama in the Draft Review

    RED ELEPHANT RADIO: The Podcast Dedicated Exclusively to Alabama Crimson Tide Sports – Hashtag Media A look at who rose and fell in the draft and why. Also a quick glance at who may be selected in the first two rounds next year.
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    NFL Draft Review Podcast

    Cover Zero Podcast: NFL Draft Fallout ………………(Special Lion King Edition) – Hashtag Media A quick look at who rose, fell, and overall take always from the draft.
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    Packers Draft Needs

    Packers Must Fill Needs as Title Window Slowly Closes – Hashtag Media I wrote this article looking at potential scenarios for the Packers first round pick. Let me know what you think. The picture is from my first game at Lambeau.
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