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...a Spring game. I just read on one of the pay sites that LSU issues only 33,000 tickets for their Spring game. Wait! That's not the kicker. The kicker is that only 18,000 people actually bothered to show.

I don't know but I know that Saban is really wanting a huge turnout. I'd be shocked if we didn't have 50k in attendance atleast. I think with people being on fire for the current staff and our direction, plus the assumption that it will help recruiting immensely I wouldn't doubt we'll have a huge turnout. Could end up being something similar to last year. I know that the newness has worn off to a degree, but even with that we should get plenty of support.

Hell...if we had any gonads there would be 92k+ THIS year too!

Imagine the headlines if we were to put 92+ again?

I'm sure Saban would be moved!

ESPN would look like sh!% down in Gainesville. LMAO
shipley00 said:
Keith, You're not going to use that tired old "I'm on the West Coast" excuse to not go, again this year are you? :lol:

Yeah, pretty much. :D :wink:

As it turns out, bamafan4ever is coming out for the weekend with his family and we're gonna hang out here in L.A. I will be able to come home but it looks like it is going to be in July for about a week. Too early for a game. :(
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