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Will tenn be as good as they say this year?

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do yall think that tenn will be as good as the polls say they will b/c i was reading the magazine w/ the polls in it and it said tenn as number 2?!?! how didnt they lose one of their QBs the only way they were able to pull off games last night was b/c their defense and on offense if one qb messed up they'd just throw in the other. and it says that we'll lose to Tenn AT HOME this year i defenently disagree w/ that i mean look how we played them at tenn last year, we could have and should have beat them and that was at knoxeville yea they've gotten better this year but so have we. so do yall think tenn is as good as they say?


I don't know about finishing up at #2, but UT has the potential to be a very good football team Ainge and Clausen#2 are both good QB's, they always have good receivers, and most people expect their RB (Riggs?) to have a breakout year. They also usually have a very tough D. I expect them to win the East, unless Urban gets his new scheme going quickly at UF.

All of this hinges on the fact that Phil is able to keep enough players out of jail long enough to play football. :wink:
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