| FTBL Which streak is most likely to end this year?

Which streak is most likely to end this year?

  • Bama's losing streak to LSU

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  • Tennessee's losing streak to Vandy

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  • UGA's losing streak to Florida

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  • Florida's losing streak to Bama

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Which streak is most likely to end this year?

I couldn't help, but throw Vandy's in there. It's not really a streatk, but it just feels good to think about it.

Feel free to throw another one in there.


Good poll topic. There are some choices on there that really make you stop and think for a minute.

Though I think that the law of averages would suggest that we get that AU monkey off our backs this year I did vote Vandy/UT. I just don't see any way for Vandy to beat UT again in the next 20 years unless the Vols program collapses, or Foolmer starts actually kicking criminals off the team (which aint gonna happen).

UT/Vandy seems like the obvious choice to me, though all the other options could happen as well.
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