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Looking back, 2004 (if my memory serves correctly) was the first year we could sign 25 (24 made it on campus), and it was a top 20 class. With the discussion about today's class coming in, I thought it would be interesting to re-evaluate the 2004 class.

I have highlighted the players who are no longer on the team in red.

The 28 players of the 2004 class:

* Jeffery Dukes - Juco signee, 2 and done
** Jake Wingo - off team, medical scholarship
**** Lorenzo Washington - went prep and is now contributing, 12 starts in 07
** DJ Hall - record setter
*** Kieth Brown - Up and down career
** Marcel Stamps - moved around a lot, non-factor in 07
** Brandon Fanney - went prep, 2 tackles, 5 assists in 07
*** Marcus Carter - 13 starts, 49 total tackles
** Antione Caldwell - all SEC ability, but One of the textbook 5 in 2007
*** Travis McCall - started 8 games, 45 yards receiving, no TD's. Non-factor in 07
** Drew Davis- may have seen time when the texbook five were suspended - non factor
*** Simeon Castille - Great in the slot, but trouble covering faster receivers. Major contributor though.
*** Kevin Hamilton - Went Juco, never it on campus.
*** John Parker Wilson - much maligned crimson warrior.
*** Jeramie Holifield - Went Juco, never made it on campus.
*** Chris Turner - quit the team following 2004 season.
*** Curtis Dawson - thrown off the team in the summer of 2005 for repeated violations.
** Cody Davis - injury plagued career. non factor
**** BJ Stabler - started 8 games in 2006, saw some action when the textbook five were out in 2008, but not a factor.
** Travis Robinson - quit the team
*** Justin Britt - 4 star DL that ended up as OL Starter.
*** Zeke Knight - flopped as a receiver, Finally found a home at Linebacker and made an impact in 2007. Should be a force in 2008.
** Will Oakley - 16 recepts for 16 yards. Non-factor
*** Trent Davidson - injured and left team
** Nick Walker - 13 game starter at TE. 5th on team in receptions. - Contributor
** Aaron McDaniel - non contributor - Injuries ended career.
**** Nikita Stover - started 3 games and caught a couple of clutch TD's, but not consistent.
** Aaron Johns - thrown off team.

Out of 28 players, 9 did not contribute at all, and one was a Juco 2 and done. Folks, that left us with 18 players from the 2004 class - the most important class since it was needed to recover from sanctions.

Now dig a little deeper and look at the star ratings of the players who made it to 2007...

Four Star - 3
Three Star - 7
Two Star - 8
One Star - 1

The average rating of the 2004 class as it existed in 2007 was 2.63, which would have put us 26th if sorted by ratings, however there was no depth. By points, we would have been in the mid to low 30's in the recruiting ranking.

Factor in that several of those players have not lived up to their potential, and you begin to see where our 2007 senior / RS Junior class went wrong.

When you compare the 2008 class to the 2004 class, you really see the discrepancy.

5 Sar.....0............3
4 Star....3...........17
3 Star....7...........10
2 Star....8............3 (kicker)
1 Star....1............0

2008 average currently stands at 3.61, with incredible depth...the points comparison is staggering - 4963 to 1451.

Folks, the times are changing.
Good stuff Big_fan. I can barely express in words how excited I am to see the influx of talent we're seeing. When these guys produce on the field, Bama will have a whole new status. One that will bring us back to prominence...
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