| FTBL What happened to our passing game?


Bama ran the ball down Kentucky's throat, but they couldn't compliment that with a potent passing game. That lack of balance kept them out of the end zone except for Coffee's long run.
The lack of a passing attack is simple. KY's DB were playing up and taking away the short passing game. Also, we were unable to connect on a deep pass. That leads to a lackluster passing performance.
I also thought Kentucky brought more pressure on JP than any team yet. He always seemed to be under pressure.

I also thought the 2 bogus penalties that took away JJs 2 big completions took the air out of JP. For whatever reason, play calling, poor execution, we did the worst job all year on getting yards on 1 down. I can't count the times we got 1 yrd or less on 1st down. Normally we at least get 3 yards, leaving two more manageable plays for a first down.

Defense made a couple of mistakes, but this close game rests solely on the shoulders of the offense.
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