| FTBL What do you like most so far?

What are you liking most about the team so far this season?

  • The ground game

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  • I likes me some play calling

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  • Defense might be better than I expected

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  • Consistency

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  • Counter punching. Momentum swings arent killing us like they might have in the past.

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  • Special teams play

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  • Oline play

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  • Other (write it in)

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Hey gang, not to get too overconfident or too far ahead of ourselves while looking down the barrel of a UGA, but what are your thoughts so far through the first 4 games? I'm sure we've all seen some things we don't like but we've also seen some things we really DO like from the team.
Yes very pleased with the offense. I picked ground game but I am pleased with the play calling, the special teams, the defense all of it. We are playing much better than I expected and the future is looking very bright right now.
I feel good about most all of the areas you listed. I picked consistency because it applies to most of them. Special teams would be an exception. We need more consistency there.
All of the above, but I voted for one of the options.

The biggest thing that has stood out to me are the counter punches. I can recall about 3 times this season, that a score from our opponent has been responded with one of our own. Sure the compition hasn't been as tough so far, but last year the momentum killed us in the small games too(Houston & ULM).

Cecil had a great write up Sunday about the lack of adversity we've faced so far this season. I think in a very small way...we have faced some in the momentum regard. When I think of true adversity though, it takes great opponents. In my mind...the true test will start this weekend. :wink:
I'm lovin' the hard nosed running game we're displaying right now. I also like the diverse play calling we are doing.

I don't feel confident enough in our passing game or special teams (namely punt or kickoff coverage). Makes me nervous :shock:
Southern Bama said:
Discipline...Our team actually has discipline. They are not making the stupid drive killing penalties and that to me is huge.... :wink: Goes back to COACHING... :wink:

I agree but have to add the team has unity and is working together. D praises O, O praises D, seniors praise freshman. It is all good, but execution can get better, which I see as a plus.

Roll Tide
Roll Tide Rev said:
I got to say Freshman! We are doing great so far and they are only going to get better! Looks good for our future!

That's what I was thinkin', heck we're playing 15 Freshmen regularly, what happens when their Seniors :shock:
Tough choices, Chop. But I think nearly all of them are thanks in part to the performance of the offensive line. I'm also glad that Saban is doing everything he can to play as many linemen as possible to build our along the front. I think it's the key to everything we do.
I picked other, because no one said anything about how JPW is combing his hair now, and I thought it should be mentioned. It looks much nicer than it used to. Hoo ha!
Anyway, I'm really pleased with how the line is playing on both sides of the ball. It all starts there.
I voted Defense.. They are looking pretty good, and I was MAJORLY impressed with the goal line stand against Arkansas!!!

But we look good on quite a few different aspects. but I'm still worried about our offense... those two times when Arkansas put us was back in the backfield and we couldn't get ourselves out, kinda scared me.. thats the only time I've been overly scared about our offensive production thoough.
My response is this:
Alabama is improving and doing it in a methodical disciplined step by step proceedure. God forbid we lose. Even if it is once it will not stop the push. #1 recruiting is no joke!

Alabama 10
U.G.A. 9

Moreno will leave the game
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