| FTBL What do we get for free? Your thoughts please.



Employing Nick Saban as Head Football Coach of the University of Alabama per year.

Having the largest crowd to EVER watch a spring game.
--apparently FREE

Seeing the team play in a manner that breeds optimism about the future.
--apparently FREE

Instantly seeing your program needing to add 10,000 more seats to the stadium.
--apparently FREE

Seeing your rivals sweat their future against a team that "barely made a bowl".
--apparently FREE.

Collectively thinking that the open space among the coaching statues may not be a problem for very long.
--apparently FREE.

Passing EVERY SEC school in recruiting, and threatening Notre Dame for the #1 recruiting class in all of football.
--apparently FREE.

Seeing ESPN embarrass themselves and look like rookie reporters because the only negative thing that they can come up with is to cite a year-old $4MILLION contract as if it was breaking news.
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