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Unbelievable!! Glad I could be here. You guys and gals should be very proud of your team....and fans. We were able to go to the game tonight. I wish the outcome had been different but it was worth the 8 1/2 hour drive for sure. Also, the Bama fans are a very classy bunch. Thanks for making this a memorable road trip and a great experience!!

Go Hogs!!



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Thanks for stopping by !!! That was a great game no matter who won , a classic . One of the best Games I have ever seen .

We go up 21 to 0 , and everyone thought it was going to be a blowout . Then Arkansas fights back and takes the lead . Then Bama kicks FG , then plays great defense , and wins with 8 sec left !!! If we didn't get the WIN the excitement on both sides was great at the end .

The game had GREAT Coaching on both sides , Great Running backs and surprising passing on both sides .

Just a Great Game !!!

Please come Back anytime , really enjoyed ya'll being here !!!



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Thanks for stopping by.

This game was great even I had watched for long time!

Glad that you came to our house and got great experiences.

Hope to see you around here.
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