| FTBL Video Highlights from Bama's Victory over UT.

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It Takes Eleven said:
Awesome ground level video. You get a feel for the speed and ferocity of the game. Old Smokey howling nearby is a nice touch.

That was some awesome video!! Would be neat to watch an entire game from that position.
Wooooo that hit by Javy at the end of the D highlight vid if NIIICE from field POV!!

Did RTB shoot this video? If so, I want some press credentials!!! :D

My dog was looking at the TV all crazy when smokey would start howling and stuff. My dog would whip smokey's arse! He is a big UA fan :lol:
All we've done is find them and compile them in one place so they'll be easy for you guys to find and enjoy.

We'll continue to do so.

We should have footage of the Monday press conference up later on this afternoon or early evening.
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