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Porter said:
I never set foot in the "old" Houndstooth. I'll probably give this one a try at some point... maybe...

If you do, and I highly recommend you do, do it early when they aren't crowded. The memorabilia they have in there will take a long time to look over.

Picture Rama Jama's X 1000. Great pics, old articles, fronts of old gameday guides and media guides...it's worth it just to look around.
That place looks cool with all the flat screens even in the pisser! Not to fond of the Alcatraz style cinder block walls though, brings back memories of my days in the state penetentry.

I for one am excited. The Houndstooth is my favorite in T-town. Then again, it's the only bar I've been to in T-Town seeing as I turned 21 right before the 07 season.
If the old capacity was only 140???

The Fire Marshal probably made them build a new building! Ive definately seen more than 140 in there and NUMEROUS occasions :shock:
I grew up on the Strip as it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s and have some fond memories of the the Houndstooth from my early adulthood and some even as a kid.

My family ran a business on the Strip for 30 years and gameday Saturdays were always special. Even back in the day before the new stuff on the Strip. The Houndstooth was always a favorite of the adults back in those days. I know in the last 10 years it has become more of a place for the younger crowd. I will miss the darkened interior of the old place but I am glad to see the crew over there doing so well even after the transfer of ownership.

Times have changed but that is not always a bad thing.
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