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Funny how the week reach back to the pinnacle this has to happen to him That is two coaches we have helped show the door, could there be another one on the horizon? Karma
I'm sure that Cutcliffe will be considered, especially since he has proven himslf adept at developing young quarterbacks, and has a decent record as a head coach at two places that have trouble winning consistently .
Now they are reporting it will be today. I don't see where they get that from the linked story.


BamaHeat said:
Now they are reporting it will be today. I don't see where they get that from the linked story.



It was updated (the article) just a few minutes before your post.

An announcement is planned for Monday at 5 p.m. ET at Neyland Stadium. Fulmer, who has won 150 games at his alma mater and is the dean of SEC coaches, met with Tennessee officials Monday morning, and they reached a mutual agreement that it would be best for all parties if Fulmer did not return next season.
Fulmer was a good coach, did alot for the University of Tennessee while he was there. Its time for a complete makeover for the football program so they can get back to what UT football is all about.
Glad they've taken some of the pressure off of the SEC this year but I suspect with their competitive tradition, they wont take long to get back in the hunt.

Bama1966 said:
UT Folks around these parts are acting like they won a Championship. Wonder who they are looking at?

I think Tuberville will be available. What more could they want. A proven winner in the SEC, has shown he can beat Bama. He'd be a natural in Knoxville.
Isn't it amazing the long road (Foolmer related)

I was thinking about this today and wanted to throw it out there for discussion and see what you guys think about it.

I guess I should start by posing this question and getting feedback on it;

Isn't ironic that Phil Fulmer might have created this situation, thus sealing his fate, as far back as 1998-1999?

You guys ever think about that? I know it's kinda apples and oranges and you can probably make almost anything apply to this situation if you tried hard enough, but I guess what I'm getting at is this.

Did Fulmer's actions 10 years ago put both himself and Alabama on an inevitible crash course where the final act is Fulmer stepping down at the end of the season after what has been a slow, steady decline in the football program since winning the national title.

Think about it. Fulmer was one of those responsible for the Albert Means situation. Yes, Alabama was certainly guilty of some things but Fulmer was right there in on the betting as well. Roy Kramer helped set us up as well. But it was Fulmer who was neck deep in the destruction of our program by going so far as to tell recruits (Santonio Beard) that BAMA would be "out of business in 3 years". It was Fulmer who provided the NCAA with a lot of their ammo against us, much of which was probably fabricated completely or atleast in part. It was Fulmer who testified secretly against us, which by the way, was a violation of the NCAA's own bylaws.

So how much did Fulmer play a part in our coaching dibacles before Nick Saban? Hard to say, but I think some of it can be attributed to him atelast in a roundabout way. Especially in the cases of Franchione and Shula, and here's why IMHO.

Franchione left BAMA for 2 reasons in my opinion. (1) He's that type of coach who is always looking for the next big gig and he couldn't resist taking the Texas A&M job. (2) The fact that we were in the midst of a whithering probation (debateble on how much Franchione knew on acceptance of the job BTW) had Franchione thinking about his future and his rope. So, in part, Fulmer is responsible for this.

Shula would have never been hired if not for a ton of factors and incidences that began well before he got here. Again, you have to reference the probation and Fulmer's involvement in that. That instability had to be a major factor in BAMA's inability to get a top-notch coach in. Again, you would have to talk about the Mike Price situation and how the Shula hiring was late in the game, but Mike Price was not what a lot of BAMA fans would have considered a "big name" coach either. So really the Shula process started with the hiring of Price, which was essentially a by-product of Fulmer and our probation.

When looking back at the 8 years of frustration prior to the Saban hiring, is it plausable that maybe Fulmer contributed to his own demise years ago by trying to kill the BAMA program? Isn't Fulmer directly or indirectly responsible for the position he's put himself in? Nick Saban has seemingly had a hand in the demise of some of the SEC's head coaches this year (and we assume, pending demise of some as well). So who should the SEC coaches send their thank you cards to? Nick Saban,...or Phil Fulmer? Chances are, Saban wouldn't even be here had it not been (atleast indirectly) for the actions of Tennessee and Fulmer 10 years ago.

They've had a hand in creating this monster IMHO. Now they're reaping a whirlwind of after effects.
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