| FTBL USC vs Oregon State

SpecThis said:
Oregon States running back is like an inch tall and USC can't take him down.

Oregon State is up 7-0 in the 2nd and driving

LOL. And he is still going. Just got another 8 yard run.
Julio4Heisman said:
Oregon state is making USC's D look like a junior high school team... Wait I thought USC was supposed to be good. :?

Overrated. This Oregon State team has already lost to Stanford, which is not very good. They have lost to Penn State which is understandable. But still, they have only beaten Hawaii.

We might get a chance to see crybaby play tonight. Mustain will not do any better though.
Looks like the same ol Beavers are starting to rear their ugly heads.

For as well as they played in the first half, now they can't coer ANYONE. ANYONE. You could drop Sanchez back now and just tell him to throw it up in an area and he'll find a receiver with a DB 5 yards off of him, no matter what part of the field he is on.

The play calling is hurting more than a little bit too.
They just demolished the USC QB on the play and forced him to throw it high for an INT. Beautiful defense by the Beavers.

Beavers returns it to the 2 yard line.

TD, Oregon State.

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