| FTBL Unreal how excited I am...


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You know I'm not a Tide fan since so many years, and after each of our last tumultuous seasons, this team have me as fired up as ever... I hope (and believe) coach Saban keeps us focused with the bad play and the mental errors of the second half. But this team is in the way to achieve something special and they deserve to be the No. 1 team ranked in the country (although, like Saban, that thing doesn't get me worried now). Jim McElwain is one of the best things which our program has experienced since Saban signed. His play-calling is awesome as well as the way how he takes what defenses offer him. I'm impressed with him.

This team is very well coached, is disciplined and is tough, something I've never seen in our squad... For me it's a pleasure now go to the bed at 5 or 6 a.m. (at my country) these last saturday nights.

Congrats to the entery 'Bama nation from Spain, definitely we're back.

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