| FTBL UA Coordinator/coaching changes— Notre Dame's Tommy Rees accepts Alabama offensive coordinator position

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Well, I know for one thing! When Coach Saban hired who he wants! Half the fans will like it, but the other half will not!
Remember half the board stressing over Kirby leaving, worried about Pruitt. Next season rolls around and it wasn’t long before everyone was going, “Kirby who?” I haven’t stressed much since CNS took over but this past season was like watching Schitts Creek
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Not sure of the validity of the source, but Jeff Lebby is seriously considering going to Alabama. Personally, I'd love the hire. He's a great OC and has proven himself to be so. If not him, I'm still down with Dan Mullen.
Yep, Terry mentioned it a couple of pages back.
Lebby is a great fit. Tempo, run heavy, with the downfield shots. I'm still told his to turn down.
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