| FTBL Top 10 Excuses for throwing cups at Bryant Denny


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10. Georgia players looked thirsty after long ball game. Simply getting them something to drink.

9. Student section trying to get into Guiness Book for world's largest stack of football stadium cups. To begin IMMEDIATELY after Alabama Georgia game.

8. Its all about pride baby! Had to show Auburn student section that we could throw cups a lot better at Georgia than they did at South Florida.

7. Heard Paul Finebaum was secretly hiding under a pile of Georgia players.

6. It was rainy, cups were slippery, so they slipped out of our hands.

5. We were so impressed with that last play that we were all trying to recreate it in the stands. Unfortunatly, the cups "sailed" on us.

4. We didn't throw cups. Why would we throw cups? We are going to be undefeated going into the LSU game.

3. Fans were throwing cups in celebration of Notre Dame scoring their first touchdown of the season.

2. Wanted to give Georgia a matching cup to go along with the National Championship Flag.

And the number one reason fans threw cups on the field............

Because they were a bunch of classless losers who should be banned from Tuscaloosa, tared and feathered, and forced to live in Lee County for 2 years.


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i do think this was classless and stupid. However i dont think that Paul Finebaum had to ride this horse all the way to 6pm like he did. Talk about trying to start something!


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#5 my favorite also :lol:

Alternate: Heard Georgia's Band play "Glory, Glory..." after every play including time out calls, they were just trying to give the players Communion.
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