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How would you like to see the NCAA D1A Post season played?

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  • I love the BCS and the way it works now!

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  • To heck with it all, go back to the old Bowl system

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So, with the recent discussions at the BCS meetings of going to the Plus One scenario, what do you guys think?

Me? I like the the plus one. Basically a 4 team play off. I could even stand an 8 team playoff. Anything over 8 would lesson the meaning of the regular season to much for me. I hate the current BCS. I'd prefer the old Bowl system over the BCS. At least with the old Bowl system, more than one game meant something. Now a days, the NC game is the only game that has any meaning to it to anyone other than the fans of the teams playing.

I will add this, the only thing that would bother me about going to the plus 1 is that it may lead to a larger play off at some point. And as I said earlier, anything over 8 would hurt the regular season.
Last season is one of the few where you could justify more than 8 (I'm cutting it off at teams with two losses or fewer from BCS conferences). Even then, you'd be hard pressed to find 16 teams that would be worthy of competing for the NC. 8 seems about right, as most years you would be able to rake in all those with realistic claims to being number one with an eight team bracket.
I voted for a 16-team playoff but could settle for an 8-team playoff if I had to. I like the idea of a 16-teamer a little more because I think you probably eliminate some of the fussing and whining from bubble teams that think they deserve to get in. Sixteen teams is a little more broad. The problem is how do you select the 16 teams? Go by the polls? Go by conference champs and runner-ups? Add a couple of at-large slots?

I'm not sure we're ever going to see a playoff though. I think that the bolws feel like they have too much to lose financially so they don't want to lose what they have. Seems to me though that you could incorperate the bowls into the playoff system. You could designate one of the bowls as the yearly championship site, while the games leading up to the championship are played at the other sites.

Sixteen teams (or any playoff really) wouldn't hurt the students either because you're not really playing any more games than you currently are. Most teams are already playing anywhere from 12-14 games anyway. You could play a straight 10-game schedule that would include an additional 4 games if you were to run the gauntlet of the playoff. If we're talking a conference championship game that is an additional one game, though I'd like to see it enforced that all conferences play one, regardless of whether they are a 10 or 12 team conference.

I think there are ways to do a playoff but I'm not sure the powers that be will ever budge from the status quo that they currently operate under.
The bowls you mention porkchop is one of the main obstacles in ever having a play off. With either an 8 or 4 team play off, you could still have the usual bowl games for the teams that didn't make the play offs. With a 16 team play off, that leaves roughly 8 bowls out of the picture. I don't think using the bowl games as play off sites would work. That would have 2 teams playing 4 bowl games. That's 4 games that bothe teams have to travel to and 2 teams worth of fans having to travel. That would get very expensive. IMO, the Plus One is the only case as to where the bowl games could be used as the play off sites.
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