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of Casey Dick, but I respect the young man for finding his composure after Bama jumped out to its 21-point lead. He showed a lot of character and made some big plays when he had to.

In fact, I give props to your whole team for never giving up, even when things were looked bleak on a couple of occasions. It was a hard fought battle by both teams in all phases of the game. Classic SEC showdown by two teams that both wanted the game badly.

I know as fans you are surely disappointed in the outcome of the game but you should also be very proud of your team overall. It would not surprise me if McFadden wins the Heisman this year if he continue to perform like he did last night.

Good luck to the Razorbacks the rest of the season.


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While it doesn't make me happy, especially after losing two 21 point leads, I must concede to Arkansas that they played one of the best ball games ever. They showed heart and they showed class. They showed the unending determination that college football in the South is all about. In fact, I dare say that Arkansas would have won the game had not McFadden been injured. I hope some of the talking heads in the media will not hold this game against McFadden's Heisman hopes because if anything this game should be a testiment to his amazing talent. Good luck to you Hogs with the rest of your SEC games (though you probably won't need much luck against Auburn).

As a side note, I was proud that Nutt pulled McFadden out of the game instead of playing him and risking his health.
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